Day 4

Houses are complete! Five houses in two days, the teams did amazing. Tomorrow we will head back to the village and dedicate each house to our amazing Lord and share the gospel with each family. The past couple of days have been physically exhausting but tomorrow will me spiritually exhausting. As we enter in to tomorrow please be in prayer for sickness. The enemy clearly has an agenda so please pray for healing for the group so that everyone will be able to attend the dedications. Pray also for our families, that their hearts would be ready for tomorrow. Our God has been doing some pretty awesome things but there is so much more to come!


1 thought on “Day 4

  1. Continued prayers for the group and the families. Worries us to hear about sickness when you guys are so far away. The enemy will do whatever he can to thwart the movement of the Holy Spirit. We will be praying for everyone’s health. I don’t know if Dylan is getting our messages so let him know we are praying for him and hope he’s feeling okay. Prayers for a Spirit-filled day tomorrow.


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