Our Final Morning!

There is a celebration in heaven this morning!

Our final devotion time together was last night and what a powerful one it was. We had the honor of worshiping and praying over Wendi and her family last night before she left for the U.S. with Dan. She will be in Indiana for her surgery and we will continue to keep her in our prayers throughout her treatment.

Our entire week was spent in preparation for last night. The Holy Spirit was at work in the place and everyone will forever be changed. Each person had their own experience last night but all praise be to our Father because everyone nailed something to the cross last night. Many left their name there for the first time and the rest left a sin that has been washed away. God has been victorious this week!

We leave this morning with mixed emotions. What a blessing it has been to see the Holy Spirit working in such a personal way for everyone. This is such a beautiful place, we were greeted with an amazing sun rise over the mountains this morning. God is with us!

God bless and we can’r wait to see everyone tonight. Especially 3 little guys!
Much love!
Casey and Tessa


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