Douglas Johnson


10 thoughts on “Douglas Johnson

  1. Hello! I hope travels went well. Red and I hung out all day today after ECG class. He met some other friends too Steph and Kelli but he wondered where Doug was today. I told him you were flying to Guatemala and Red said “have fun, human”… I do my best at speaking dog. Have fun, hope you arrived safe, praying for an amazing day tomorrow for the whole group 🙂



    • We made it safely Marie! Dan said yesterday was the hottest day he has ever experienced since he had been here. It was hot!!! We went to a village that had just built a new church and we were able to dedicate it to the pastor and his family. We have another day of med clinics and then we will build some houses. I will Anya you said hi.

      Love Doug


      • wow. i believe ya! if dan says its hot, then i can only imagine :)praying for cooler weather.


  2. Can you believe that it has been 6 years since you were there last?!? Please be willing this week to be the leader that God has created you to be. There will be so many moments that you will be able to pour into the youth this week, don’t let the opportunities pass by.


  3. Hey Doug,

    How’s it going? Were thinking and praying for you. Keep looking to Jesus for your strength and leadership.May your words and actions glorify Him in everything you do.

    Serving God together,



  4. Hi Doug! Is your viewpoint a little different than 6 years ago? At least now you have a little flying experience. Be a Godly example to the kids in youth group and the people of Guatemala. Enjoy those pop tarts:) Am praying for you and the team. Love you, Mom


  5. Wait… Did your mom get you the correct kind of pop tarts? Lol. #wifefail… Haha sounds like the Holy Spirit is moving and working a ton already. Love it! I am thinking about and praying for you guys all through my day! It’s awesome to see how the holy spirit has moved you these past 6 years since the first time we went to Guate! #proudwifemoment #doyoulikemyhashtags
    Love you



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