Hannah Tanis


5 thoughts on “Hannah Tanis

  1. Hope u had a great trip! Tournament up date – they won the first game against line drive 5 to 4 and the second game they beat morgan’s 11 to 1. Sounds like they are playing well.

    I am so proud of you for traveling all this distance to make a difference in a stranger’s life. You are special person and I love you very much!!



  2. Praying for you and your team in Guatemala. Hope you made it there safely. So glad you stopped by before you left. Let the light of Christ shine in you and through you this week. Have fun.


  3. So the team lost their first game today 4 to 6. They shouldn’t have lost but it seems a few girls have already checked out. They won their first bracket game 14 to 5 and play the top Elite team tomorrow at 10am.
    Went to watch Megan play. She tried bunting once. Mankel’s team was playing at the same time and right behind Megan so we watched some of that game.

    Hope all went well on the first full day.

    Love ya!!!!


  4. Thank you both for your thoughts and prayers! The first two days we were here, we went to two different villages and worked in med clinics. We also got to play with all sorts of children and formed relationships with the people in those communities. It was incredibly moving at the end of both days when we were able to pray over the villagers and watch them accept God into their lives. The best part was being hugged and thanked by the many adults and children. The third day brought the start of building the houses. My building team was speedy fast and we were able to finish everything on time. Mom, make sure to let Dad know that I got to go crazy with a power drill. Make sure to keep sending prayers our way as we continue to build and then dedicate the house to the family.
    P.S. Let me know how the team did and p.s.s. I get the award for the worst spider bite so far!!
    Love you guys!!!


  5. Of course you have the worst spider bite! Insects love your blood. You are a universal donor…lol

    In the words of Mama Mayle.. “Lost 1 to 4. Should have won. Some big errors and some opportunities “. The team lost to Elite Whitcomb on Sunday morning.

    We continue to pray for you, kelsey and the rest of the team.

    Love mom



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