Lacey Bazzett


7 thoughts on “Lacey Bazzett

  1. Hey guys. I am having a great time. Learning a lot about the culture here and how different it really is. The people here have so much less than us, and it is wonderful being blessed enough to watch them come to know Jesus. I can’t wait to tell you all about it. A few more days and I will be back home. I miss you all tons. Love and hugs and kisses to everyone.


  2. hi Lacey I cant wait to hear about your trip kids and i miss you a ton I hope your relationship with God has grow a ton. and we are very proud of what you are doing. im taking the kids to see minions tonight and i took friday off work to surprise them for a trip to the zoo. And then we get to pick you up from the airport.

    love you tons


  3. I’m so glad you are managing well. Good for you for taking them out and about. It makes me super happy to hear that! We finished our house dedication today and it was absolutely amazing. I am really excited to tell you about it. Tomorrow is our free day- last day here- so we will be going into Antigua for some shopping. Have a good rest of the week and enjoy your time with our kids; they are beyond precious. Can’t wait for hugs from all. See you Friday night.


  4. Hi Lacey it is 6:30 Thursday night. im so excited for you to come home I cant wait. I pray that you guys have safe travels tomorrow. our kids are doing great madis dress came today and the boys football stuff I got cheap online did I say I love you by the way. the house is spotless if you were wondering and still standing… it didn’t burn down and is not mistaken for the Coopersville dump.
    Im taking the kids to the zoo tomorrow I hope the weather is great for us to bond even more this week. and then we will probably sit at the airport for 10 hours waiting for you.

    be safe I lava you

    Duane and kids


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