Megan VanderKolk


9 thoughts on “Megan VanderKolk

  1. Hi Meg! Hope the trip getting there went well. We are so proud of you for going on this trip and can’t wait to hear about the amazing things that you experience. Love and miss you, Mom, Dad, Ev, Lee and Abby


  2. Hurray!!! You guys made it there safe and sound!!! Now, go spread the good news Meg!! Super proud of you and what you and your team are doing!! This is a life changing event you are involved in, so take it all in and hold on to every moment!!! Stay safe and no worries back in Coopersville I’ll take care of Bon for you!!!


  3. Hi Meg! We’re thinking of you everyday and hope all is well. We miss you and can’t wait to hear about all the great things you’re doing! Love you, Lisa, Jessica, and London


  4. Hey meg, its your favorite brother Evan. Glad all has gone smoothly so far and hoping it continues to! Have fun and see ya friday!


  5. Megan, no worries back here, I have been texting Bon. You on the other hand, praying that you experience all God has sent you to do. Shine brightly, be God’s hands and feet!! 😉
    Love, Anne


  6. Hi Megan! Praying for you and your Guatemala experience. Be a blessing:) Will be anxious to hear your God stories. Lynda


  7. Hi Meg! So glad to read the updates today. Sounds like it’s been pretty hot, hope you guys are handling the heat ok. How’s the building going? Are they letting you run any power tools? haha
    Anyhow, I miss my walking and talking partner, miss you but glad you are there doing good work. Love you, Mom


  8. Hi Meg! You look like you are having fun there. We miss you and can’t wait to hear about your adventures. I saw your mom today and she misses you, but is keeping herself busy. We are praying that you and everyone are doing well. London also wishes you well. See you soon, Lisa and Jessica


  9. Hey Meg! How all is going well I can’t wait to hear all about it. We are so proud of you looks like you’re working hard. I hope you are having a little fun too. Love you! See you when you get back !


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