Micheal Fisk


2 thoughts on “Micheal Fisk

  1. Hi Mike, I hope that as you touch the lives of the people there, you too are experiencing God in mighty ways. I’m sure it’s very difficult to be away from Melissa and Matty, prayers for all of you. Enjoy the experience! -Michelle


  2. I’ve got my car radio set to an only-Spanish-speaking station, so 4 times a day I can easy remember to pray for you all 🙂 I bet you probably haven’t even touched a guitar all week, but there are a few of them down there that Rez Rockford brought in, you know. (Just sayin’ …in case you get the ‘itch’ and have any energy left 🙂 ) I hope you have a wonderful time in Guatemala, Mike, and that you get to ace ’em in the God-sightings / God-sharings (not like it’s a contest, but that it is your experience–a new fulness leading to an even greater joy and faith and confidence in Him. Karen Gish


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