Day 3

First, hi family (Julie and Josh). We miss you much but are having an amazing, God-centered week!

Thus far, we have experienced two medical clinics in two different villages, one on the coast (can you say the hottest day ever?) and one in the mountains. Both were amazing with many people coming to trust Jesus. Dedicated a new church at the first coastal village. We have played a lot of soccer and usually get beat by the Guatemalan kids! Last night at the second clinic God was clearly moving through the team praise singing and testimonies as well as the local pastors preaching the word of God. Many people were moved by the Holy Spirit among us, some weeping and crying out to God. We prayed with and for many. It was so powerful to see the kingdom of God increase. Shared Spanish Bibles at the end and many hugs. The people are so grateful and kind. God is so good and He has renewed my love and faith in Him and His word. I have also enjoyed watching my son, Evan, experience everything and serve in new ways.

Up at 5:30AM today for breakfast and to head to our first building day in a village we can see from the base, but it takes 1 hour to drive there! Mountains do that to you. Fantastic day building with good progress. Someone else will try to post some pics. The family our team is building for is so grateful and kind to us. The house will be a huge blessing. We will finish the houses tomorrow and then dedicate them to the families Wednesday with gifts, a Bible and the local pastor sharing the love of Jesus and the way of salvation in the gospel of Jesus giving each an opportunity to personally trust in Christ.

Evan worked so hard today with the houses and with Ania.

Steve S.


Day 3: New Experiences

Day 3 already. It’s hard to believe that we have been here for three days. Starting with the first med clinic on the coast. It was VERY hot and we were all sweating like pigs. I loved being able to play with all the kids and seeing their faces when we brought out toys. That was something I will never forget. Day 2 was another med clinic, and we had fun playing with all the kids again. I don’t understand Spanish to much but I know enough to understand that the villagers were all happy. I found it amusing how they would try to tell us something and we would be trying to figure out what they were saying, only to be laughed at. We would all laugh together when we did figure out what they were saying.

Today we went and started building houses. A few of us got cut trying to put the steel frame of the house together, but seeing the family join in to help and their smiles make it all worth it.

Being this far away from home is really hard at times. It’s hard to remember that I can’t drink the tap water and pet the dogs in the villages. Seeing those dogs reminds me that about my dog back home and it starts to make me miss home even more. But I am still having a great time here and can’t wait to go back to the village to continue working on the houses tomorrow. Also to my family, I just want you to know that I miss you all so much and hope you are all having fun. Praying for safe travels for all of you.

Day 3! Having Fun

Hi sorry its taking so long to say anything but right now i’m having the most fun ever and i never thought i would ever be on a trip like this. I’m having a great time today we built most of our houses we only have so much to go now. Mom if your reading this i hope you know i miss you all so much and i have a picture for you when i get home though someone else took them i hope to see you soon i love you mom and everyone there at the house i love and miss you so much i can’t wait to see you all on Friday and mom thank you for what you put in my bag i loved the note the headphones and the food your the best mama ever i love you and i miss you and has Brookelyn been asking about me.

Day 3

Wow!  God is so real for us and He is so good!  We traveled to 7000 ft. yesterday for our second med clinic.  The weather was much cooler  which was a huge blessing.  The day went well and the people were very happy to have us there.  We entered the evening with the “Jesus Film” followed by singing, testimonies, and some awesome preaching.  I never ceases to amaze me when I witness the preaching.  I don’t speak Spanish but through the Holy Spirit I know what is going on.  The preaching is followed by the alter call and it was an emotional time for all.  The team was able to witness many come to Christ and some of their own walls were also broken down.

This morning we were up at 5:30am for personal devotions and breakfast.  We loaded up and headed out for our first day of building.  The weather was again in our favor but we do now have some sun burns.  It was a great day witnessing everyone helping each other finish what had to be done on the homes by this evening.  Dirty, dusty, sun burnt, and only a small amount of blood shed we are back at the base for dinner.

Thank you all for your continued prayers.  The Spirit will continue to work in and through us.  As we continue to witness to the people of Guatemala pray that these students would also be witnesses to each other.

Loving all of you!


We made it!

First off, sorry to all you parents waiting for this post.  We made it!  Thanks to all the prayers, travel went well.  Everything was on time and customs was very easy.  We had a safe trip to the base and got some sleep.  Yesterday we started with a med clinic.  It was a village close to the coast so it was super hot and muggy.  It was special though because we got to dedicate the new church that they built.  They fed us well.  It was awesome to see all the team playing and interacting with the kids of the village. Lives have already been changed and that was only day 1!  We do med clinic #2 today, closer and higher in elevation.  Pray for cooler temps and that more will come to Jesus tonight. Everyone is doing great and looking forward to today.  Keep us in your prayers for that is a very important part of our week.